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10 Apr 2017
One of the most questions being consulted from a first-time Albion Online Gold buyer is that will my account get banned after buying gold. Also we can see a lot of discussion about this in many places, in which we can not see an explicit conclusion. Honestly, none of UPAlbion's Albion Online gold buyers got banned because of buying from us and never heard that our any other game currency buyers got banned.

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01 Apr 2017
There is no doubt that Albion Online Gold is necessary for fighters and you may need it to buy potions, buy allies to fight with you, or buy some items that you need. You may get albion online gold from killing the bosses, completing the quests, clearance rewards or selling items, but that's not enough. When you first try to buy albion online gold from third parties off game you may feel worried whether the gold seller dependable.

You may feel suspicious when you first to buy gold, now UPAlbion makes a guide here to share some experience and tips with players. You should choose a trustworthy albion online gold seller, recommendation from friend is a good choice. You can also check out the sellers reviews to get knowledge of them. If the...

20 Mar 2017
Albion Online is a Sandbox Interactive gaming company from Berlin, Germany introduced a sandbox type games. Player role-playing games all supported platforms will exist in the same game world.

There is no doubt that has enough Albion Online Gold will make your journey more comfortable, Albion Online Gold can be used to buy weapon, armor and other in game items. Also Albion Online Gold can be used to pay for travel, buy one's way out of trouble or even purchase secrets or information.

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20 Mar 2017
Since the update Galahad is live for all players who own the title, after 48 hours of early access to the Legendary Founder and Epic Founder.

So now you can start your adventure in the lands of Albion with a new character, since the wipe of PG. Galahad is the last major update before the final launch which will take place in July.

Meanwhile the Sandbox Interactive team has undergone a new AMA on Reddit. From the session of questions and answers are outputs of interesting information, from business model to the making of solo PvP.

Here are the main answers:

  • There are plans for a free weekend or a free trial, a bit 'equity against the founder who had faith in Albion online and a little' for performance issues. "The game is extremely populated...

13 Mar 2017
These days, the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online released the trailer for the upcoming "Galahad" update. Galahad will bring massive changes to the final beta and will allow players to explore Albion in a whole new and improved way. In addition, Sandbox Interactive is releasing the starting times when Founders can get their hands on the much anticipated update.

Galahad is literally reshaping the world players can explore. Not only does it give players a vastly improved user interface, but, after the update, also the whole landscape of Albion will have been reshaped, giving players plenty of new space to explore. Including the new biome cities.

Other major changes have been implemented in the PVE system. New content and challenges awaiting the...

13 Mar 2017
Albion Online is an excellent game where you can get rich fairly quickly, if you know a few tips and tricks. In our Albion Online guide you will learn how to become a rich man in no time, if you follow it to the letter. 

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13 Mar 2017
Albion Online is coming soon to enthrall action role-playing game enthusiasts all over the world. Action role-playing game fans across the world are waiting eagerly for the game and a new excitement is brewing up among them. For all fans of Albion Online, UPAlbion.Com has an unlimited stock of Albion Online Gold, allowing them collect gold to help build the dream team and launch an attack to defeat the opponent team. The online Albion Online gold store remains open 24 hours a day and assures of a safe delivery of items within a few minutes of placing an order.

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